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Paul Williamson

Paul Williamson

We have just completely a major kitchen refurbishment in Erimi, Limassol. The renovation project included significant reworking of electrics and plumbing as well as renewal of the kitchen units. It was all carried out inside 5 days, and this is the tip for the fitters!

Here we have a recently chemically injected property, which unfortunately has quickly detoriated with obvious signs of penetrative damp , whilst sold with a multi year guarantee, the installing company is now not returning the clients calls. A common occurrence in Cyprus with the so called damp experts selling these 'magic damp cream' solutions.

This type of damp treatment was totally unsuitable for this specific property, and due to common construction methods, actually unsuitable for most properties in Cyprus.

Structural damp creates a plethora of problems, and whilst there are many different reasons, there are only two causes of unwanted moisture in a Cyprus property : 'condensation from inside' or 'penetrating from outside'.

Whilst both are generically known in Cyprus as 'damp issues', the causes are completely different, although both indirectly relative to property construction methods.

We've been working up on a great project up in Polemi, Paphos during December. We are installing an aftermarket external installation, and with our 7 trained fitters on site, we completed the fibreflex of the villa in one day !
Damp. Something those from the cooler climes of Northern Europe don't tend to associate with the 300+ sunny days a year of Mediterrean Cyprus, but, it occurs in many buildings on the island.

12mm thick internal insulation that reduces heat loss by 40%? You need to have a look at Ultrotherm, new and exlusive from Renovation Group as of November 2015

The ultrovent® is the ultimate in controlled passive ventilation. Its unique triple action filter (patent pending) reduces condensation, noise transmission and heat loss through the ventilation duct. At the heart of the ultrovent® filter is a thermal core that promotes the movement of damp air out of the property.

A number of recent calls recieved recently regarding the use of Thermal Paint !

Unfortunately this is a marketing tactic employed by less than reputable companies to sell what is in effect - PAINT

Usually sold as a '' Special Coating '' at an outrageous price it really does not work

It has no declared Lambda value and will not meet any approved U Value regulation

Quite frankly its a SCAM !! 

Don't just take our word read this article in the Daily Telegraph no less 

A large number of properties are suffering from mould and damp spots on their walls and ceilings

This is quite harmful to the health of the occupants

Take a look a what our Renovate properties team did to create a new outdoor living room

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